Izumi Suzuki - Terminal Boredom

An inventive, irreverent collection of speculative sci-fi in which emphasis is placed on the emotional lives of the depressed, often addicted (sometimes alien) characters, rather than the technological specifics of their dystopian societies.

“There was no way anyone could live in a world like this with a fully functioning mind. You only found yourself feeling angry from morning until night. If she ended up joining some kind of political movement as a result, her mother and father would be upset. Using drugs, she told herself, was her way of being a good daughter.”

Heavy Downpour In Old San Juan

Walking through Old San Juan on Thanksgiving Day, Amanda and I got stuck in a tropical downpour. Hiding under the awning of a hotel, we watched as large drops of rain turned the road into a river.

The words of birds

I recently purchased a copy of A Guide To The Birds of Puerto Rico And The Virgin Islands at Rodgers Book Barn.

A Guide To The Birds of Puerto Rico And The Virgin Islands

I particularly enjoyed its onomatopoetic descriptions of bird noises. Here’s a random list of my favorites:

  • A raspy crick-et (White-tailed Tropicbird)
  • A hoarse kak (Brown Booby)
  • A guttural ga-ga-ga-ga (Red-Footed Booby)
  • A peculiar oong-ka-chunk! (American Bittern)
  • A raspy, insect-like kay-ti-dad (Gull-Billed Tern)
  • Plaintive, liquid, twittering notes (Audobon’s Shearwater)
  • A raspy ke-aaar that fades away (Red-tail hawk)
  • A high-pitched killi-killi-killi (American Kestrel)
  • A short, emphatic bow-wow (Short-eared Owl)
  • A throaty ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-kaw-kow, kow, kow, kow (Yellow-billed Cuckoo)
  • A very loud and conspicuous squawky whistle a-leep (Smooth-billed Ani)
  • A varied assortment of gentle cooing notes (Rock Dove)
  • A deep, deliberate whoo (Plain Pigeon)
  • A raucous squawk (Brown-throated Parakeet)