WFMU Radio Row Mix

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WFMU Radio Row Mix

I’m excited to share a new mix I made for Radio Row, a program run by Olivia Bradley-Skill, WFMU’s Music Director. If you’re interested in submitting your own show, you should fill out this form as it’s a great opportunity to play your favorite music on the airwaves.

I love WFMU. We listen to it daily in our house and I value it as a source of new music. For my submission, I wanted to showcase a style of mixing that is not often done on air, making use of DJ tools, acapellas, and live effects to create a multi-layered, ever-evolving blend of dance music, while also paying homage to some of the halcyon sounds WFMU DJs gravitate towards. It features many of my favorite songs and artists, and some of my closest friends and mentors.

It’ll broadcast live this Sunday, April 23rd, at 5 PM ET on 91.9 FM in NYC and online at

I hope you like it <3.



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